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At Visdav Consulting, we aim to provide our clients with innovative value adding service to our clients.

Our mission is to be a valuable Partner to our clients in the drive for profitability and success in adherence with professional ethics and standards as well as building capacity of our employees in specialized skills required to meet the dynamic business environment


We provide efficient and very effective professional services in the following areas: Project Supervision, monitoring and control, Project Co-ordination, Financial Restructuring, Contract execution and Management, Lease Management, Project Financing and Project Resuscitation.

This is a core product of our consulting service.. The service involves evolving ICT enabled monitoring and control measures to actualize:

Effective monitoring of actual collection of taxes, rates and other forms of revenue.

That revenue collected are properly recorded and accounted for.
Verification of revenue collection records and reconciling same with customer’s remittance records.

We offer a wide range of skill development courses within the field of Leadership, Management, Accounting, Taxation, Supervisory and Personnel development. The programme are designed to be : practical, skill based, Participative and meet specific organizational, positional or individual needs.

We leverage on our understanding of Finance, Risk Management/ Compliance, IT Systems, Operations and Human Resources, we to identify and implement Cost saving initiatives, improve Management and Control, Identify and manage risk.

This is also an important part of our business as we utilize our experience in resuscitating ailing business and also identify and unlock hidden opportunities of on– going ones to reach their potentials. We carry out this service in the following areas: Organization Resuscitation, Capital Restructuring, Product Marketing Repositioning, Operations Retooling and Capacity development, Process Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions.


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