Negligence and Carelessness within Accounting System Called “LAX ACCOUNTING”

Accounting is a professional system of putting in checks and balances in accounting processes. However, it is a system that has been overlooked and has had an adverse effect on accounting operations and systems. The success in an accounting process is part of what gives sustainability in any business.

Lax accounting describes an accounting system that is characterized by slack, non-strictness or negligence of systems and process. It is predominant in the business environment. This can be avoided when you refrain from weak internal control process and do away with poor book keeping and record system.  To improve your processes there is need to have; 

  • a sound internal control system, 
  • detailed book keeping of records, 
  • keep to deadlines, 
  • synergy among staffs, 
  • customer satisfaction and so on.

You could achieve better result by engaging a professional and a reputable firm who can guide and provide you with financial advisory services and ensure that your internal process is effective and efficient.

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